Monday, February 27, 2012

Perspective and Appreciation

Good February day to all.
Just wanted to say a few words about gratitude for the small things that can sometimes be overlooked.  I recently was sick with the flu.  After being sick for a few days I decided to attempt a short walk with Oliver.  About half way through the walk (and in the back of the orchard) I felt very tired and was ready to be done.  I immediately turned to negative self-talk and said I shouldn't have gone so far.  But, I'm happy to say I quickly corrected myself and said...remember when you could only walk to the neighbors house, or only down the street, or needed help with a person on each side holding my arms to get through a walk.  Then I realized all of that was only a year ago.  It brought a smile to my face.  In a years time how far I've come.  This is the perspective in which I want to see things and live my life.  Thank you for the opportunity to choose to walk ON MY OWN.  Thank you for the beautiful almond blossoms on the trees that provide a surreal scenery in which to walk, aroma and all.

To give you update on the other things going on....

I am changing jobs to Kaiser Walnut Creek.  I will still be working Perioperative medicine but this job is a 20 hour position so will have benefits.  YEA!!!  My days of paying Cobra are soon to end.  I have a very good feel about the environment and the people I will be working with.

I am also becoming more involved in St Joseph's cancer program.  Jim Linderman is the head of the cancer center and him and I have had several discussions about my vision of a wellness center.  He has offered me 3 different opportunities to help move me in that direction.  I will be presenting as one of the breakout sessions at St Joseph's Treat-ment for You Day.  This is a day of pampering for people diagnosed with cancer in the past year or two  They offer help with diagnoses, massages, manicures, and good fun energy with others with cancer.  I will also be presenting a 90minute workshop/class at St Josephs in the spring.  And just today he asked if I would make a 30 min presentation and one of the Women's shelter in the area in March.  All of this is extremely anxiety provoking but also the direction I would like to take so I'm pushing myself beyond the fear.

As far as my health.  I continue to feel good.  The left lower quadrant pain comes/goes.  I had yet another visit with my surgical oncologist.  My exam remains normal, other than the left sided pain. But my Ca-125 values continue to creep up.  My level is now 30.  So I've gone from 6 (post chemo) to 30 two weeks ago.  I decided to continue and wait so we will repeat another blood test and exam in 4 weeks (March 15th).  I continue to juice twice daily, green smoothie once daily, exercise, and eat mostly raw/whole foods.  I attended a Women's Wellness nutritional conference put on by David Wolfe's Longevity Now for 4 days in Costa Mesa which was wonderful.

I hope you are all doing well.  Thank you for your support,

Dr. Oliver