Sunday, June 3, 2012

Numbers are Down!!!

I am pleased to announce that my latest lab values are showing improvement.  I have not been completely honest or revealing in my information in my posts in the last few months.  After my oncology visit in April, my oncologist was convinced my cancer was back because my CA125 tumor marker numbers had doubled.  There is some protocol in western medicine that says when the values double it means that the cancer is back.  My oncologist ordered a PET scan to assess my status.  I thought long and hard and decided I didn't want to have the PET Scan.  Many of you may not agree with this, which is why I was rather elusive in my post after my April Oncology visit.   I wanted the decision I made to be based on what I felt was right for me and not take in to consideration what other people thought or what they would do for themselves.  I also did not want FEAR to play a part in my decision making.  I strongly felt that I did NOT have cancer, and that if I did,  I probably would not take traditional treatments anyhow so felt the PET Scan would complicate things more than help.  I did several new treatments that helped more along the lines of energy medicine and working on things emotionally for me.  Of course, I continued to exercise, juice, detox and all of the other many modalities I continue to use day to day.
I thought the challenge of my increasing numbers was a big lesson in my journey. How easy is it for me to preach about achieving health through natural ways of treating the mind, body, and spirit when everything is fine and dandy?  I think it is pretty easy for a person to preach they are against some particular treatment when they are healthy enough to never have to make the decision to use that treatment.  When I was faced with the possibility of the cancer being back and had to decide what I felt was right for me, what would I choose? I STILL felt that what I was doing was the right thing.  Who knows, maybe the cancer was growing again and with the things I am doing it has now stopped growing?  Or maybe it was never growing back in the first place? But I do know that whatever inflammation caused my numbers to increase in the first place is now reversing so I will take that as a sign that I'm doing things that work for me in body, mind, and spirit.
Thank you all for being in my life. Until next time,

Dr. Oliver