Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Aha moments

I'm on a roll with aha moments in the past 24 hours and it feels great.  I would like to share the one from today and see if it provokes any thoughts with all of you.

"All death is a reminder to turn up the volume on your life." Oprah

I have struggled with dealing with the thoughts/fears around becoming more ill and dying.  This goes against the thinking that I want to live by because my belief is that the fear CAUSES illness.  You see the vicious cycle that can form.

So I sat today and pondered Oprah's words and came to the conclusion that this journey of cancer is exactly that, to turn up the volume on my life. There is no death to come from this. If death were the goal here, than it would have already happened.  I had enough cancer in my body, even with this second go around, that it could have already advanced enough to cause death.  That is the reality of it, plain and simple.  My surgical oncologist even said last week: keep doing what you're doing.  The thought is that at your advanced stage of cancer that you'd be dead within a year without treatment.  She considers the recurrence to have started in Dec of 2011 so I'm well over a year now.

BUT, I'm not that sick, and I'm not advancing in my illness, and I'm definitely NOT dying.  No more than anyone else that is.  The reality is: I'm thriving, I'm living, I'm exercising, I'm BEING and I'm turning up the volume on life.

Fear in my life has evolved from the fear of being alone,  to the fear of death,  to now - the fear of not living life to its' full potential.

What can you do to turn up the volume on your life?  Let's live life to its' full potential TOGETHER!!

In love and health,

Dr. Oliver