Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday 2/4 Update

Hospice has been a blessing.  They have provided Denise with pain relief, something that has been elusive for several months.

With the pain relief she has been experiencing severe tiredness, sleeping for long periods of time and occasionally having some confusion and disorientation. With the help of hospice we have been trying to adjust the medicine to decrease the sleepiness while still keeping the pain relief.

The main medicine that is helping with the pain relief is being gradually increased.  Unfortunately every time it is increased it causes several days of sleepiness as the body adjusts to it.

We've received feedback that many are having problems with accessing or posting to the blog so we've created a new Facebook page.  The Facebook group is Denise's Journey.  If you do not use Facebook, we are asking that you e-mail your stories and pictures to Adam Holbrook and he will post them for you.   Email Adam Here

We are encouraging people to post pictures and experiences (not just pictures), stories or memories spent with Denise on a new Facebook page.  Denise can read and reflect on these wonderful memories during her quiet times.

Once you get to the Facebook page, request to be a member.  As we check our e-mail and confirm your request you will be able to post photos and stories.

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