Tuesday, January 14, 2014


A little history of the latest happenings in Denise's journey with cancer--
   Thursday and Friday she was experience a lot of pain and vomiting.  When she went to her chemo appointment Friday afternoon she was instructed to go to ER for evaluation of a possible bowel obstruction.

In the proceeding hours she had a CT scan which showed a small bowel obstruction and another mass in her lower colon.  The two of these had blocked flow to the Right kidney so it was no longer functioning.  

At 11 pm Friday a stint was surgically inserted in the ureter to allow the kidney to drain.  An NG tube was inserted during the stint procedure, while Denise was under anesthesia to alleviate the pressure in the GI tract.  She was then transferred to Modesto Hospital at 1am immediately post-recovery.  In the last several hours she had her "labs" drawn which fortunately are normal and blood sugar is normal.  The doctor reported this morning that the stent seems to be helping and Denise's back pain has minimized.

To address the colon mass Denise is scheduled to have a colonoscopy at 1:00 today to determine if this is a new cancer.  She will also have a consultation with general surgery to discuss options for the bowel obstruction.    

Denise asked me to send this because she feels it was the energy from all of you that cleared the bowel obstruction in March of last year when she was last admitted to this hopsital.  
Denise is asking all of you to again send healing energy to clear the blockage and cure the cancer in her body.

Your loving support and offers of help are so appreciated.  Be assured as our family needs resources we will contact you.

Love to all of you, Joan, Denise's Mom

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