Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1/22/2014 update

Wednesday, January 22
We had a few tiring and rough days. Denise continues to move forward physically; catherer and surgical site drain removed and antibiotics stopped.  She's walking lots but the ultimate goal of passing gas has not happened (Sorry if this is too much information!).  She's now on a full liquid diet with supplementalintravenous TPN (amino acids, protein, dextrose, etc.) and have a few bowel movements.  The plan is to remove the TPN tonight and give her supplemental liquid food.  Her pain meds are being adjustedintravenously and available by mouth as needed.  Last night she was able to sleep a little better.  Yesterday was a day forward and today a rough day so it seems one day forward and one back.

In the midst of her recovery she tries to embrace the emotions around having cancer and her life.  Sleep deprivation has accerbated this too.

The doctors and nurses here at Kaiser Modesto has been exceptional and we are very appreciative of their dedication and skill.

Chemo therapy to treat the remaining cancer will start once her surgical site is healed (?3-6 weeks?).  

The doctors are discussing possible discharge later this week.  We know there are many of you who would like to visit Denise.  As soon as she has regained her strength and is able, we will let you know.

Your supportive and loving energy means so much to all of us and of course, especially Denise.

We intended to send an update a few days ago but we've had trouble with the internet access in the hospital.

hugs n luv, Joan/Denise

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