Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It is hospital day #4.  We are waiting for the pathology report from the colonoscopy to determine the next steps in treatment.  

Yesterday, Denise woke up with significant dizziness, almost as if she had vertigo.  Denise figured it could be the antibiotics since she hadn’t taken antibiotics in years.  Considering, only one physician felt the colon mass could be an infectious process, Denise asked that the antibiotics be stopped.  The dizziness quickly resolved.  She figured they could always be re-started if pathology showed an infection.  She is still experiencing some nausea and the pain is moderately controlled.  

We just returned from a short walk down the hallway.  Unfortunately, she remains NPO status, meaning nothing to eat or drink. The only thing she can have is a little water to take one of the pain medications. 

We have been vigilantly by her side keeping watch.  We will keep you posted as things develop. Know that we all truly appreciate all your support.

In healing and love, Joan 

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